fabulist Extended


blood to gold

drip out your mouth
fall on the ground
lying awake for a long time
don’t make it loud
you’re golden now
gather like hounds in the dog-pound

a little cat call

i want you
to leave me alone

heavy blanket of your gold
feel the fire i have been reborn
think a puff is well deserved
pray to someday be, evermore evermore

sent my only pair of shoes away
walked a mile with blistered feet in forest rains

i want to be your lover
i want to be your friend
i want to be your demon
i want to be your hell
try to be your summer
swimming in my eyes
losing yourself
you never know what you’d find

i don’t want to see you cry anymore i need
a little smile every once in a while may-
be you’ve been stuck in rut, let me
turn your blood to gold, turn your blood to gold



and leaning backwards
following all the rules
you left

baby steps

long laborous lobotomy
performed on me

woke every night
same questions asked
i don’t remember

its been so long yet i remember you like scars
a perfect picture, everyday
its been so long yet i remember how it was
i used to be your everything and anything

since I’ve been gone I’ve been forgetting all i was
but you’re still clearer than the day everyday

Come down
Come home
Melt in morphine
All alone

Still alive
Still whole
Still in toxic chemicals

Still intoxicated love
Dizzy mess inside my bones

I still remember
I still remember

Now i feel a little hypnotized
Sentimental of your scent tonight
Sent my mental off i feel just fine
got my heart its all need this time




running feet
sound of seas
trouble me
i give into weariness
half asleep
until I can wake me up

tell me that I'm ok
from the haze
dripping in reflection

suddenly you are here with me
sweet and safe
nothing else will matter anymore


i see my body yet im
im floating way above
hold in hysteria

the irony of it all
of the future i hold
wake me
i dont wanna devolve


days too deep
crows or keys
rabbits feet
hold it close i need the luck

eyes on me
from the breeze
peering at me from the dark

tell you that i got something on my mind
fooling you
is all i do

soon as you fall asleep
and make it here
then you and i can be forever young


tell me im a loon
when i want a little dosage
let me fall in your arms
i aint gonna lose it

like an old soul
let me inch a little closer
find my way back home
way back home


pink hue

you were my one love
in that place where black-tails roam
you were my one love
away from home

lay with me
be it briefly
come close, I’m coming clean
pupils sway
in bauble blues
do you feel as I do?

lamenting light
once in your eyes
september’s sunsets
cascade the night

a pink hue
surrounds you

i don’t know why
you don’t take your time to think twice

a pink hue surrounds you
makes me wanna feel alive

i’ll take you places where you wanna go
i’ll take your pain and make your body whole
it’s such a shame the way you treat your bones
i see your glow i see your afterglow




concept art by Christopher Moore. 


IG: @calanmoore